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Outdoor Projector Enclosures

VIZBOX ® outdoor projector enclosures (also know as environmental projector housings) are built from the highest quality materials, and exported globally. Built quickly to order the manufacture and build is carried out by skilled and qualified engineers and electricians. 

For detailed information please visit the VIZBOX ®  projector enclosures main website

environmental housings for projectors                          Beamer boxes exported globally

VIZBOX® Projector Enclosures: Features



  • Electronic climate control system to protect your projector from cold, heat and moisture, and humidity,

  • Air-filter system (which can be easily removed and cleaned),

  • Single, double, or multiple access doors,

  • Dual locks with dust caps,

  • Specialist self-cleaning treated and hardened optical glass viewing window,

  • VIZBOX ®  products are of course CE-marked, and has been IP rated,

  • Various mounting solutions – eg: threaded-studs welded onto the unit to suit specific installation, unistrut channel, truss clamps.

  • Protective powder coating in any RAL colour to suit your installation



VIZBOX® Projector Enclosures: Design

Speak to a member of the VIZBOX® team. 

Call  UK: +44 (0) 1422 230537

With trusted distribution and installations partners, world-wide, guidance is readily available from choosing the right projector, through to installation of the full audio visual solution.

 VIZBOX® Projector Enclosures: Manufacturing

Each enclosure is professionally manufactured to suit projector, lens and application. Design is carried out by qualified and experienced Electronics Engineers.

The enclosures are made from mild steel, although stainless steel, and aluminium is also available. The metal is powder coated in any RAL colour.

During assembly access doors are attached, dual security locks with dust covers, reusable air filters are fitted, then the hardened premium optical clear glass viewing window is inserted and sealed. Finally electronics are installed and wired up.

The control system consists of a cooling system,a heating system with a safe low wattage cabinet heater and any of the optional extras you have chosen

The unit is then tested, and quality checked again by qualified engineers. 

Finally the order is carefully packed ready for shipping to site. With flexible carriage options, and global exporting experience, be safe in the knowledge that the fully-insured order will arrive quickly, safely, and in the same premium condition is was in when it left the warehouse. The company has close ties with the Government’s department UKTI international trade services.

Internal parts come with a 12 months warranty and the VIZBOX ® enclosure comes with a 2 year warranty.